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A health related blog / vlog based on WordPress. Not online anymore :(

Here’s what I did:

  • chose to host it on uberspace
  • domain registration
  • DNS entries (web & mail)
  • email setup with catchall address
  • database setup (MySQL)
  • Wordpress installation
  • logo and favicon design
  • custom “coming soon” page while work in progress (see pictures below)
  • Facebook page setup
  • automatic posting of new post in Facebook page
  • YouTube channel setup
  • Newsletter setup via Feedburner
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup (sitemap & crawling)
  • Bing Webmaster Tools setup (sitemap & crawling)
  • automatic backup
  • caching
  • WordPress theme selection
  • heavy CSS customization (this is the original theme demo)
  • heavy customization of the code
  • page speed optimizations
  • social media buttons
  • share buttons for posts
  • lightbox for viewing images
  • contact form
  • integratiton of latests YouTube videos (channel gallery)
  • YouTube likes in right side bar
  • subscribing to the newsletter in right side bar
  • list of favourite pages

the home page:
coming soon page with newsletter subscription:
the Facebook page:
the YouTube channel:
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