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Onlinekommentar - Webscraping & Custom Wiki

 ·  ☕ 1 min read is a website for lawyers, to leave official comments to law articles.


  • thousands of law articles are scraped from website
  • the Java program reads the websites and puts one article after another preformatted into a mysql database
  • articles are also saved into an Excel sheet


  • highly customized TWiki instance
    • custom colors & layout (own skin)
    • custom sidebar
    • custom templates for new topics
    • custom notification mail on registering
  • complete setup on hosting server
  • articles are read from database and displayed read/only
  • users can comment articles in wiki manner
  • two selfmade plugins & documentation on usage
  • CSS and template customizations
  • configuration (mail, security, behaviour)
  • full install documentation

client feedback on Elance:
Highly customized TWiki instance:
collapsable index of law's articles:
Plugin Development:
webscraping, database, Wiki and Excel export:
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