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Karsten R. Priegnitz

expert software engineer | web developer | Linux administrator

Curriculum Vitae

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I studied applied computer science from 1998 to 2002 with main focus on Java, C++ aside of informatics, maths, and database technologies.

After university I worked as a programmer in a big state bank in Hanover, Germany for 11 years. The main things I was doing there was developing 3-tiered web applications in Java / JavaScript and leading projects.

Besides of that I learned PHP, Perl, WordPress, MySQL as well as Bootstrap and jQuery. And Linux is the operating system Iā€™m using since 1994.

Since 2012 my wife and me were traveling the world on and off while working on various projects.


Programming, Markup & Query Languages
  • Core Java, Java EE
  • SQL
  • Android Apps
  • PHP, C, C++, Perl
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Linux / Unix shell
Frameworks, Foundations, Principles**
  • JSF, Tobago
  • OpenJPA, Hibernate
  • JUnit
  • SLF4j
  • jQuery
  • Quartz Scheduler
  • Jersey
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • JCR
  • Scrum
Tools & Servers
  • IntelliJ, Eclipse
  • git, github, bitbucket
  • ant, dpkg-buildpackage
  • Jetty, Tomcat / TomEE, JBoss, WebSphere